Black Hat Project

The Black Hat Project is the philanthropic endeavor created by the KR Ranch in conjunction with the Atlanta Black Rodeo Association to serve today’s youth with limited opportunities by offering them the chance to experience equine activities coupled with learning about the rich cultural history of the vaqueros, plains Indians and the black cowboys who were integral in the settling of the American West.

The Black Hat Project has entertained more than 25,000 inner city and metropolitan area youth at the Atlanta Black Rodeo. Over the past 18 years, the Black Hat Project has given more than 100,000 hours and has trained more than 5000 children, with some going on to pursue careers in equine professions or rodeo.

As we continue our legacy of introducing young people to the world of horses and training them to become pleasure riders or competitors, we are seeking financial commitment from all sectors of our community.

Our capital campaign begins with you. It matters not if your donation is diminutive or generous. We thank you for the sincerity of your support.

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